Parika businessman murdered during robbery

46 year old Somdat Ramgobin was on Tuesday night shot dead while sitting on his bed as two men entered his home to carry out a robbery at approximately 20:30hrs. The incident took place at Ken Dam, Parika Backdam.








At the time of the robbery, the man and a friend were said to be cooking when the two males who were unmasked walked straight into the man’s home and demanded cash and other valuables.

The victim who was identified as a cash crop farmer and who also operates a small shop to the facade of his property, reached into his pocket and provided the bandits with the cash he had on his person. The bandits also ripped a gold chain from around the man’s neck.

During the robbery, the two bandits placed the victims friend on the floor to lay. The young man reportedly stated that the home invaders were of african descent and while one carried a gun, the other carried a rum bottle which they used to beat the now dead businessman.

Persons related that the businessman who also did some amount of mechanical jobs lived very well in the community with other residents and they are shock of what has become of him.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was told that the suspects might be from Central Parika and might have also been monitoring the man’s movements.

Asked what led them to this conclusion, they stated that usually alot of persons would be at the home/businessplace of Somdat until late in the evenings but on Tuesday night it was different, he did not have the crowd at his place and it was on that night that the suspects decided to invade.


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