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‘Our love is thirty’ Mother and Daughter set for May 13

The Mother and Daughter pageant is slated for the National Cultural Centre on May 13, where twenty-two pairs of mothers and daughters will take the stage as they compete in three different categories.

An official press conference to launch the event was held this afternoon at the National Cultural Centre’s Lobby.

Junior, middle, and senior are the categories in which mothers and their daughters compete come pageant night. In the junior category, there are seven pairs of mothers and daughters, seven pairs of mothers and daughters in the middle category, and eight pairs of mothers and daughters in the senior category.

Chung’s Global, Team Mohameds, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, and Sterling Products Limited are among the major sponsors of this year.

The Red Carpet segment of the pageant is being handled by Chung’s Global. Team Mohameds is said to have a surprise for patrons at the event, based on the organizers.

“I sit as a symbol, and I like the Atlantic Pearl. With the help of technology, we will present to you something that Guyana has never seen.” Ingrid Fung, mother of the pageant told the press on Tuesday.

This will be the 30th year of the Mother and Daughter Pageant, which started in 1990.

“The Year of the Pearl, our love is Thirty” is the theme under which this year’s pageant is being celebrated.