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OPPS! ‘President Ali said he liked the prayer; Force Chaplain reinstated

Non-Payment to Doolichand; GPF ask for HP ink, pastor supplied ‘imitation’

Hours after he was served with a letter of revocation by the Executive Leadership Team of the Guyana Police Force bringing an end to his tenure as Force Chaplain, Reverend Patrick Doolichand has been reinstated.

The Reverend who reached out to this publication stated that he was contacted by Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces President Irfaan Ali and told that ‘You are still the Force Chaplain’

Doolichand explained to BIG Smith News Watch that will be accepting the reinstatement.

The Reverend provided the Guyana Police Force Officers’ Conference opening last week Thursday with a ‘Hell of a prayer’ that clearly did not sit well with some in the force.

Contacted for a comment on Wednesday evening, President Irfaan Ali said he indeed communicated with the Force Chaplain.

‘I have no issues with the prayer, I think the prayer was a good prayer, I liked the prayer’ President Ali told BIG Smith News Watch in a telephone interview.

The President said he was in a meeting and when he came out of the meeting the letter to Doolichand was brought to his attention and he immediately called the Commissioner of Police.

‘I called the Commissioner of Police and asked him what was going on and he assured me that Force Chaplain would be reinstated’ President Ali stated.

Today the force said they among other things, revoked the appointment of the Force Chaplain because of an ongoing financial crimes involving the man of God.

The pastor is one of the many Guyanese who invested in an alleged Ponzi Scheme.