Opposition submits motion for $200,000 cash grants to cushion cost of living

COVID brought the hard times to Guyana- CARICOM study finds

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The main opposition party, the APNU+ AFC Coalition, has submitted a motion to the National Assembly calling on the government to provide a cash grant to every citizen of Guyana, 18 years and older, of $200,000. According to the motion, this is to aid in the effects being felt by the increase in the cost of living in recent weeks.

The possibility is that the motion may be taken up for debate at the next sitting of the National Assembly. The motion submitted is seeking Guyanese above the age of 18-years-old to be paid a quarterly cash grant of $200,000.

In the motion, the opposition stated that the Government only provided a one-off $25,000 cash grant to ease the burden on citizens caused by the global pandemic. The motion stated that the basic items including the cost of food price have since seen a steady increase.

In the motion, the Opposition contends that the Government did not devise effective strategies or implement policies that have proven effective in times of inflation. The motion also calls upon the government to immediately craft strategies in addition to financial aid, to help Guyanese deal with the high food prices.

Vice president Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday acknowledged that Guyana is feeling the impact of a conflict that is happening in another continent. The Vice President however said that the government cannot control the rise of the cost of living but will do its best to assist Guyanese.