Opposition represented on COVID-19 Task Force – Anthony

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony has downplayed calls for the Main Opposition Party, APNU/AFC coalition to be represented on the National Task Force on COVID-19. On Wednesday, during his daily update with the Department of Public Information, the Minister was asked about calls by “the Opposition” to be included on this task force.

“The Opposition is on the COVID take force,” Minister Anthony said as he pointed out that the opposition is represented by regional chairpersons.

“So the regions where the opposition would have chairmanship, they are an integral part of the task force,” Dr Anthony said, “Region Four, for example, has been one of the regions where the chairman would be attending very often,” the Minister said.

The APNU/AFC Coalition has formally requested to sit on the Task Force and has offered nominations in the name of former Ministers of Health and current members of parliament.

The government never acknowledged the requests, former Minister of Health Dr Karen Cummings have said.