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Opposition Leader bows to President on Freedom Day


Opposition Leader Norton bows to President Irfaan Ali rather engaging in a hand shake

Opposition Leader Aubrey North on Monday bowed to President Irfaan Ali upon the president’s arrival at the Emancipation Day Cultural Diversity Festival 2022.

The event which is being held underway at Stelling Road, New Amsterdam Berbice, is being observed under the theme “Celebrating Our Emancipation and Cultural Diversity”

President Irfaan Ali is said to be the Patron of the event.

Upon his arrival at the venue, President Ali was greeting with hugs, fist bounces and smiles from those gathered at the event as he made his way to his seat.

However the love showed by the hundreds who gathered, was not the same love the president received once he got to the front of the seating arrangement.

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton is also present at the event and will be delivering the Feature Remarks as listed on the program.

As President Ali stretched out his hands to greet members of the Opposition Leader’s delegation, he was met with a screwed face, back turns and bows.

One member of the Leader of the Opposition’s team turned his back on the president, another bowed, the Opposition Leader also bowed while a final member of the delegation stood motionless.

The postures by the members of Norton’s delegation might be hinged on an earlier incident where the Opposition Leader accused the President of bullying him for a hand shake.

In that instance, both Norton and Ali were guests at an event in Georgetown.