Opposition holds vigil for 200 COVID-19 deaths

The main opposition party APNU/AFC called for more to be done to enforce the public health measures with the aim of protecting citizens from the Coronavirus.

This call came as the APNU/AFC Coalition held a candle light vigil to mourn the deaths of 200 Guyanese who have died.

“We pray for those that died and for the families they’ve left behind. We also pray for the countless relatives who had to surrender their loved-ones without the familiar funeral ritual due to the imposed COVID-19 guidelines which only intensified their sadness and sorrow,” Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon said in a brief statement read at the vigil held at Promenade Gardens.

He said that the country has been fighting the pandemic since March 2020 and appears to have grown numb and desensitized to the statistics of the death toll.

“Hence, I encourage you to see that every number represents a life and the families that are affected.”

Harmon said that the vigil is also a gesture of “gratitude for the health care worker who tried their best to comfort and restore health and wellness.”

Guyana recorded more than 8000 cases since March 2020 to now. 200 deaths have been recorded