Opposition APNU/AFC demands immediate release of Trevor Benn

The Opposition APNU/AFC is demanding the immediate release of Former Lands and Survey Commission Head, Trevor Benn. Benn remains in custody after he reported to the police on Wednesday as the police investigate the allocation of lands at Ogle located on the East Coast of Demerara.

In a statement, the Leader of the Opposition Office accused the PPP government of misusing the Police to “unlawfully incarcerate Afro-Guyanese professionals,” as it says that the police have adopted a policy of “harassing, victimizing and dehumanizing Afro-Guyanese professionals.”

The Leader of the Opposition accused the government of seeking to provoke a certain segment of the population as the office said there is a trend “whereby charges are trumped up against professional Afro-Guyanese, knowing fully well that there is no case against them.”

The statement referred to Benn as a “professional who has served with organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme,” as it said that  Benn did not personally benefit from the sale of any lands, “all monies paid for lands were paid into the State’s coffers. These monies are now being unconscionably squandered by the PPP regime as they engage in reckless and irresponsible spending,” the statement said.