OP-ED: Volda sets the bar high, displays maturity/ true leadership

Lawrence accuses GPF of harassment as election charges comes in drips
Peoples National Congress Reform Chairwoman Volda Ann Lawrence
Over the last few days, Guyana witnessed the anger of residents in Region 5 over the brutal, inhumane and savage murder of Joel and Isaiah Henry from No. 3 Village in West Berbice.
The country also witnessed the destruction to public infrastructure, damage to private property and injury to innocent persons.
It was also over the last few days that we saw the silence of many who are known to be vocal on matters, while others sought to justify the murders of the Henry boys and Haresh Singh.
In all that has happened within the just over 72 hours thus far, we have seen a dissolution of the protest actions along the West Berbice corridor, the clearing of the roads to allow free passage of motorists and civilians unhindered, and the restoration of law and order.
It is the view of this brand that Chairperson of the Peoples National Congress and former Minister of Health Volda Lawrence should be commended for her direct calls to the protesters and party supporters and members to act in a responsible manner, Ms. Lawrence did not skirt around the issue, she did not mince words and she certainly did not send any mixed signals.
Volda Lawrence acted like a true leader and she should be commended for this act by everyone, irrespective of which side of the political divide you sit or stand.
The BIG Smith News Watch would like to publicly commend Ms. Volda Lawrence for displaying true maturity and leadership that has directly restored peace and calm in West Berbice and other parts of the country.