OOPS! Short walk to freedom for escaped prisoner

RECAPTURED: Rape and murder accused Kevin Wilkinson

Rape and robbery accused Kevin Wilkinson who escaped from the Cove and John Police Station had  a “short walk to freedom’ after he was late Thursday afternoon recaptured by the police in ‘C’ Division.

According to details reaching BIG Smith Crime Watch, ranks got intelligence that man was by a relative and they went to the location.

However before the police could have gone into the place where the man was hiding, he scaled a fence and ended up in an alleyway where he was cornered and arrested.

Earlier in the day, someone reportedly visited the police station to inform that they heard of the man’s escape and came to inform the ranks of where he might very well be seeking refuge.

Wilkinson who has been charged for rape and four counts of robbery under arms was positively identified by a number of his victims and was set to appear in court.

His court date was set from Wednesday but there was a mix-up with the case jacket which ended up in another magisterial district and by the time it could have reached the correct magisterial district, court for that day was complete.

As such Wilkinson was kept in custody and expected to appear in court on Thursday morning but he managed to escape from police custody at approximately 07.30, just hours before the commencement of court.

A number of police ranks were made to write statements in relation to the matter even as two of them were placed under close arrest as the Police Office of Professional Responsibility launched an investigation.


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