Oneidge Waldron-Allicock to be re-sworn as MP

Oneidge Waldron-Allicock will have to be re-sworn as a minister of government. This is what Attorney General Anil Nandlall told the Chief Justice Roxane George on Thursday morning. This is as the challenge brought against the minister’s appointment by APNU AFC Chief Whip Christopher Jones started. In an ongoing virtual hearing, AG Nandlall in trying to persuade the court that the orders being sought are not necessary said that the “wrong has been remedied”. Waldron-Allicock was sworn in a a member of parliament in September, but she was a United States citizen at the time, holding dual citizenship. The latter is unconstitutional and not considered a lawful member of the National Assembly. The minister had contended that she relinqusihed her US citizenship.
The matter is ongoing and we will bring you more details later.