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One shot, one on the run following Plaisance turf war

A 31- Year-Old man from Prince William Street Plaisance has been admitted to the Hospital after being shot by his friend, that friend is presently being sought by the police.

Injured is Kevin Bernard. His grandfather told this publication that he was at home when he heard what sounded like gunshots and decided to come out to investigate.

The senior Bernard related that when he showed up at the scene he saw the young with whom his grandson had the issue, walking heading to the main road.

Mr. Bernard explained that the two youngmen were initially friends but that friendship went on the rocks owing to turf differences among those who are engaged in the use and sale of illicit substance in Plaisance.

The man said the two had an old grievance and things escalated.

“Well you know how they does deal and as a drug block and when u have more than one these things happen. Its a grievance relating to drug affairs and both were friends until it got sour and I usually speak to both of them”  the man told BIG Smith News Watch.

The man said shortly after the shooting the police arrived at the scene and commenced their investigations.

When this publication showed up at the location, the mother of the suspect would not engage us and instead walked away, slammed her gate and secured it with a chain and lock.

Over at the home of the other man who is said to be hospitalised, a relative of his also was not willing to engage anyone, a woman politely asled that this publication leave her yard as she was unwilling to engage anyone.

At the scene today, the police removed a number of articles from the home of Bernard which they felt were illegally obtained.Some of the items which the police remremoved from the location

The police however encouraged the mother of the suspect to take some time to find and submit her receipts claiming ownership of the items before they are returned to the family.