Onderneeming family who was zip tied, terrorised by SWAT, now seeking compensation.

(Orin Klass stands in his home)

Thirty-eight-year-old Orin Klass and his traumatized family are appealing for compensation from the state, after members of the Guyana Police Force’s SWAT unit, burst into his Onderneeming home last Wednesday morning. The operation was one of three operations on the Essequibo Coast, and was done the same morning Orin Boston was shot and killed by SWAT members.

Big Smith News Watch was told that the operation was conducted around 03:00hrs. on the said morning. As he commenced chronicling the ordeal, he said, “I hear the dogs barking outside, so I jump off the bed and I peep outside, and I see these police, not less than fifteen swat and seven normal police, with these long guns like AK47 like, and they heavily armored with bullet proof vest,” Klass recounted.

                                                                     Zip ties used on Klass family

Klass said that as he sprang off of his bed and ran to his children, the front door to the home was smashed in by police. The man said that he has never had any dealings with police before, but his first experience on last Wednesday morning was traumatizing.  He said, “This is the first experience I had with police, on to now my heart skipping some beat… They treat me real ruff like I is a big criminal… I sit down on the bed and put me hand up in the air, they come in, zip tie me, my small son and small daughter… they break up the wardrobe mirror, destroy the two beds, and didn’t even present a warrant.”

He went on to say, “for the past nine months I wasn’t doing any work, because I had a broken hand, is only three weeks now the hand come out of the plaster cast and them man ruff up the hand and right now I can’t do nothing with the hand again.”

                                                                               Broken Bed

Klass said that neither the police presence nor actions can be justifiable, as there were no drugs nor illegal substances found on his property. He said, however, that his twenty-one-year-old step son, Brad DaSilva, was arrested during the operation, based on allegations in an alleged robbery/murder. His stepson, nevertheless, was released the following day, without being charged.

Klass, who works as a diesel mechanic, said that he was hoping to return to work after a speedy recovery, but the prospect of that changed following the operation. “I can’t work, the doctor will tell me today, Monday, how long more before I can work because I going and do the medical, right now my hand can’t hold anything…I owe the bank like three months. A lot more expense elsewhere, people calling in.”

The thirty-nine-year-old man said that he is also seeking compensation for the damages to his home, and furniture. “I calling on the state to give me some sort of satisfaction, and they have to compensate me, for the damages they did to this house, we have to get a new door, because right now the house door can’t lock, and I am not in the financial position to get that fixed… I need a bed, and repairs to the wardrobe… during the arrest the police seize my Samsung A21s, and the value for that is $65,000.”