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Officer warns Top Cop of legal intent of non promoted colleagues; requests meeting

Commissioner of Police Leslie James

Commissioner of Police Leslie James has been put on notice by one of his juniors, Senior Superintendent Errol Watts that “redress” would be sought and concerns of a number of officers would “definitely be dealt with through the legal course provided” in a communication dispatched to the Top Cop in his capacity as Chair of the Officers Body and which was seen BIG Smith News Watch, Watts requested a face to face engagement with Commissioner James for a ‘frank and personal discussion’.

Senior Superintendent Watts who is performing duties as O/C Operations, should be held by an Assistant Commissioner of Police according to force establishment, indicated to the top Cop that the meeting being requested has to do with concerns of officers within the force, particularly those Senior Superintendents who were overlooked for promotion to the rank of Assistant Commissioners. All Senior Superintendents overlooked in police end of year promotion

In the communication Watts noted that regress would be sought. “We would be seeking redress but protocol dictates we see the CoP (Commissioner of Police) first”

Senior Superintendent Errol Watts

Errol Watts is one of the officers who was overlooked for a promotion to Assistant Commissioner of Police. He is also one of the most Senior Superintendents of Police who over the years has been on the receiving end of supercession.

I would like to see you sir at your convenience as the chair of the Officers body to discuss matters of importance that are affecting most senior superintendents in particular and other officers who have contacted me and expressed grave concerns” the communication sent by Watts to Leslie James noted.

The communication also requested that the first meeting between the two be on a face to face basis where open and frank discussions can be had concerning the issues of contention while pointing out that the issues would also be addressed through the legal courses as provided.

Part two of the communication from Senior Superintendent Watts to the Commissioner of Police also sought approval for he, Watts to meet with the officers association on Tuesday to discuss the concerns of the Senior Superintendents and other matters as the force prepares for its Annual Officers Conference at the end of January.

It was then recommended to the Commissioner of Police to make himself available meet with all Senior Superintendent who were not considered for promotion. This meeting Watts noted should be to clear the air of a running perception that the officers who were promoted was due to non-performance.

It is unclear if the Commissioner will accede to request from his junior who from all intense and purposes, speaks for a large percentage of the officers within the Guyana Police Force.

At the end of year promotion for the Guyana Police Force which announced on December 31, 2019, none of the Senior Superintendents, many of whom have been in those ranks for years, were promoted.

Contacted on Thursday, some of the officers indicated that they have no disciplinary or pending matters which they are aware of, something that usually has a bearing on their upward mobility.

On Thursday, the Police Service Commission and Commissioner Leslie James met with the met with the newly promoted officers at the Officers Training complex.

In his address to the officers and ranks of the force after the force following the promotion, Commissioner of Police Leslie James made it clear that ‘Promotion comes from God’ Promotion comes from God- Top Cop

Commissioner of Police Leslie James and four other officers, Nigel Hoppie, Maxine graham, Paul Williams and Lyndon Alves were promoted by President David Granger in 2018.