OAS condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The Organization of the American States (OAS) has condemned the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and called for an immediate end to what is happening. The international body said the actions of Russia was “irresponsibly initiated.”

In a statement on Thursday, the OAS said “Russian aggression constitutes a crime against international peace.”

“The armed attack perpetrated against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is reprehensible and constitutes a very serious act in violation of international law,” it added.

The OAS said aggression has been defined as the “supreme international crime” and it undoubtedly constitutes an attack against the peace and security of humanity, as well as civilized relations between States.

According to international reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a military operation in Ukraine, with explosions heard across the country and Ukraine’s foreign minister warning a “full-scale invasion” was underway.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said Russia had carried out missile strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure and border guards, and that explosions had been heard in many cities. An official also reported non-stop cyberattacks, Aljazeera reported.

According to the BBC, Russian forces have invaded Ukraine from multiple directions, including from the separatist regions in the Donbas to the east, Belarus to the north and from occupied Crimea to the south.