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Norton sets condition for next election: Claudette Singh must go

Norton wants Claudette Singh gone and a new voters list before next elections

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton addressing an APNU rally on Tuesday night

Leader of the Peoples National Congress Reform Aubrey Norton on Tuesday set conditions that he says must be met before the next general and regional election while stating that ‘for Guyana to grow, the PPP must go’

“But to let them go we have to have a clean election list. You cannot go to the election with thief men and give them a list that permits them to thief” Norton told a gathering at Parade Ground in Georgetown during an A Partnership for National Unity Rally on Tuesday evening.

Norton said that the party wants the Elections Commission to return to being one that is independent.

“In the history of this country, I have never seen an Elections Commission Chairman that votes every time with the PPP. What independence is that? Norton asked he referred to the current chair of the Guyana Elections Commission Justice Retired Claudette Singh.

The Opposition Leader did not deliberate on what means he or his party used to determine who the GECOM Chair votes for once she is in a polling station. Nevertheless, he proceeded to state his second election condition.

“So, so as part of this clean list campaign we have to make it clear that Claudette Singh must go. We cannot at all, we cannot at all live with a Claudette Singh…my friends Guyana is for all of us, we are prepared to live with everyone, but we are not going to allow you to be unjust to us. And the PPP must know and you must be prepared if they are not prepared to give us a clean voters list we must do everything to ensure there is no election with the dirty list and Jagdeo can say what he wants, he could send [he] policemen behind me again… we have to have a clean voters list” Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton told the rally.

A number of persons representing the parties which make up the coalition also spoke at the event.