Norton sees an inclusive PNCR under his leadership

Candidate for PNC/R Leader Aubrey Norton sees his possible new position as leader of the PNC/R as a chance to unite the People’s National Congress/Reform. Norton confirmed that most of the votes from various regions as well as North America are in and said that based on what he saw, he was in the lead,

“I dont think anybody can catch me” Norton told reporters tonight as he quickly added,  “I do not want to treat it as an occasion to celebrate, I want to treat it as an occasion in which the people have manifested their will and as I campaigned, I did say to members of the party and the general public, that on winning, I intend to be inclusive, I intend to ensure that all the people in the party are involved in management of the party.”

Norton said that he ran for the leadership of the party based on the demands of party members. “The task ahead is to take this enthusiasm and make it into a force that can deal with the People’s Progressive Party, which in my opinion is trampling the rights of the people, at this stage.”

Norton along with Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon and Dr Richard Van West Charles are competing to lead the PNC/R. Saturday’s Party Congress is the first such event to be held using a hybrid system with both virtual and physical features. Most of the addresses by key party figures were recorded and broadcast via social media and voting was done at specific centres set up around the country and in North America.

Voting ended at 7PM. Voting in some regions concluded earlier and those numbers were communicated to Chief Elections Officer Vincent Alexander who will tally all votes for various positions within the party.