No vaccine ? No cricket for you

Proof of vaccination is becoming a routine feature in daily life and the government is working to ensure that all public events would only see vaccinated persons.

With international cricket matches coming to Guyana, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony said that safety at these matches is a priority. The matches would be opened to only fully-vaccinated persons.

“Fully-vaccinated means that you have had both doses of the vaccine and after the 2nd dose, two weeks would have elapsed, which means that you would have adequate antibodies in your system to protect you against Covid,” Dr Anthony said on Monday morning during the update.
Proof of vaccination is a non-negotiable for attendance to these games, Dr Anthony said, “So even if you have a ticket and you don’t have your vaccination card to prove that you are fully vaccinated, you will not be allowed into the stadium.”
The public’s attendance of these games is being guided by a numbers of measures which were decided on following discussions with the National Task Force on COVID-19, the West Indies Cricket Board, International Cricket Council among other bodies.

The Minister said these agencies visited the stadium to map out the path for holding the event which he said would see multiple check points, no concession stands and other features he described as an “elaborate process” to prevent crowding. Persons would also be require to wear masks at all times.

Meanwhile, the Government is moving to ensure that only vaccinated persons enter the country. Guyana has opened travel to allow for nationals of Trinidad and Tobago to enter the country but those nationals have to be fully vaccinated.
“We have been having discussions about changing our entry regulations,” Dr Anthony said, “meaning persons travelling into Guyana or passing through Guyana and more recently we are guided by some decisions that have been taken by CARCIOM, where at that level they have been two principle things that most countries in CARICOM now require, one, is that a traveler must produce a negative PCR and secondly they must produce proof of vaccination.”
The government could be moving to implement its mandatory vaccination for incoming passengers soon, the Minister said, “We could see some changes as we move forward, that would be for all travelers coming to Guyana, so I think more explicit travel instructions would be forthcoming in the next few days”