No signs of water borne diseases in flood affected Pomeroon- Senior Health Official

(Caption: A home submerged in water during the ongoing floods)

After more than two weeks, some parts of the Pomeroon that were recently affected by flood waters, are still inundated. Reports reaching this publication suggest that there have been no reported outbreaks of water borne diseases within the area.

The Pomeroon is a riverine area within Region Two, with most of its communities accessible by either creek, canal or the river itself. The Pomeroon region was flagged for potential outbreak, as most residents within the area, are prone to using latrines.

When contacted though, residents from within Karawab said that there have been no signs of outbreaks within their communities. There were also no reports of outbreaks within the Lower Pomeroon.

According to the Regional Health Officer of Region Two, Dr. Ranjeev Singh, the region’s health department has been taking the necessary steps, in ensuring affected communities remain healthy.

“So far, we haven’t seen any outbreaks of water borne diseases in the Pomeroon, and I’ve been there as recently as over the last weekend, and last Tuesday… in addition we have also taken medications to prevent these diseases and to treat them,” Dr Singh pointed out.

In Karawab, which remains inundated, most residents have opted to leave the area but there are those who have no where to go.

                                                                                                            (One of the many home affected by flooding in Karawab)

In ensuring residents are safe during the flood, the Civil Defence Commission [CDC] has established a temporary shelter within Karawab, as it remains one of the mostly affected areas within the Pomeroon. The shelter, which has been identified as long house, has the capacity to facilitate some sixteen family, and is already accommodating ten.

When asked if the Region will be in a position to facilitate more residents, Regional Vice Chairman, Humace Oodit answered in the affirmative,

“Yes. We have other buildings in the area. We have 160 house holds within Karawab, fifty-five of which are still affected by flood water,” he said, ‘”some residents have left the area, but we are prepared to accommodate those who remained. We have already dispatched some items, which include cots, blankets, mosquito nets, pillows, water purification tablets, face masks and soap, which will meet the immediate needs of affected residents.”