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No evidence detained man was involved in robbery, police apologises

Calvin Lewis who was released without any charge, was made made to hold this placard suggesting he committed robbery under arms

The Guyana Police Force was on Monday forced to apologise to an upper Corentyne man for the bad experience he had in the Springlands lockups and the breach of its protocol which lead to his photograph being shared with a media house prematurely.

The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is also looking into the matter this publication was told.

Calvin Lewis was among several persons who were picked up on Saturday evening by a party of police who were investigating a robbery.

They were taken to the Springlands Police Station where according to a facebook post from Lewis, they were placed into a lockup and told by an on duty policeman to go and ‘smell shit’.

On Monday Region 6 Commander Ramlakhan met with the young man, his father and another relatives where he apologies on the behalf of the Commissioner of Police and the Guyana Police Force for the treatment of Lewis and the breach of protocol by a member or members of the Guyana Police Force.

Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch on Monday afternoon, Lewis told this publication that the experience at the station was a bad one.

He said that the night the police arrived and invited them them to the station, everyone cooperated.

He also said he recognised none of the ranks as they were not from the general police district. Once at the station, one of the persons picked up was sent away while the others were placed into custody including Lewis.

Lewis said he troubles with winds and is required to drink hot tea at 05:00hrs each morning and his request to contact his relative to arrange for the drop off of his tea was denied by the police.

He was eventually released on Sunday without any charge. He told BIG Smith News Watch he accepted the apology of the police as he feels its genuine.

No evidence detained man was involved in robbery, police apologises
Calvin Lewis and Commander Ramlakhan after the apology was given and accepted


The young man in his facebook post has called on the Minister of Home Affairs to look into the matter as according to him, the Guyana Police Force exposed him to COVID-19 and that while they are suppose to protect and serve citizens they were instead defamed his character.

Lewis, a Guyana Water Inc. employee said that he was stripped of his basic human rights by the Guyana Police Force.

While still in the police cell, he said he awaken at 03:00hrs on Sunday and told to hold a placard which suggested that he committed armed robbery.

Yesterday Commander Ramlakhan confirmed that so far, the police investigation does not point to any involvement in any act of robbery under armand committed by Calvin Lewis.