NEWS FLASH: Fire set to Magistrate’s Court

The police in Essequibo are investigating a fire which was set to the Suddie Magistrate’s Court in Essequibo but luckily put out, preventing complete destruction.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that the somewhere between 04:00hrs a d 05:25 hrs this morning, a police rank observed that fire was coming from inside the building accompanied by smoke.

The fire was seen coming from the bottom flat of the building and the police rank along with others managed to gain entry into the building through an already damaged door to the upperflat of the of the building.

Once there, they observed that the Magistrate’s chair was on fire and a pile of paper which was also in the courtroom was also ablaze. The ranks managed to put the fire out with a bucket bridgade while the fire renders arrived.

Four plastic bottles which were found with suspected kerosene scent was emanating from them were observed in the building along with two chisels same was then photographed and uplifted by the police.

The investigations are ongoing.