Newly commissioned Supply Health Centre to provide more services

With the aim of reducing the numbers of persons travelling to central health care facilities, another health centre has been rehabilitated and is now offering an expanded list of services.

A state-of-the-art health centre at Supply, East Bank Demerara was commissioned on Saturday.

Constructed for $45.3 million, the fully equipped facility will service approximately 6500 residents in the Supply and other neighbouring villages on the East Bank, the Ministry of Health said.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony who was on hand to commission the centre lauded this much needed improvement, “This is just another step in the journey that we will be taking as we improve health across the country and for all Guyanese,” the Minister said in this remarks.

Dr Anthony said too the facility was opened to deliver primary health care services and rehabilitation services within the environs of the Supply area.

“We are trying to put the health services closer to people so that they can have good access to these services,” Minister Anthony pointed out as he said this will reduce the “hardship” of traveling long distances.

The newly commissioned health centre is expected to provide assistance in the fight against chronic and non-communicable diseases by treating patients or making referrals for tertiary care where necessary. A Family Medicine Resident and a General Medical Officer have been assigned to the newly built health facility.