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New Police Station Handed over at Whim

Modernization, standards and comfort are just about a few of the descriptions being used to speak about the Whim Police Station at Whim, Upper Corentyne Berbice. Like the Albion Police Station, IDB financing facilitated the construction of the new building.

New Police Station Handed over at Whim: pegged at GYD $67.7 M
A section of the gathering at Whim

Commissioner of Police Hicken, Home Affairs Minister Benn and senior ministry and Police Force officials today commissioned the station just before dust on Monday afternoon.

It would be the fifth commissioning on Monday that the team took part in with the first being the Cummings Park Police Outpost in Cummings Lodge Georgetown, the Zara Computer Center in New Amsterdam, the Central and the Albion Police Stations.

New Police Station Handed over at Whim: pegged at GYD $67.7 M
A waiting bench inside the Whim Police Station

“I can recall walking upstairs and looking down through the creases in the floor of the building and being subjected to the dust when it is lifted by high winds and sent through the building’s open window spaces” Deputy Commissioner Brutus recalled of the old structure.

He welcomed the rebuilt Police Station as he noted that in his visits across the country with the Commissioner of Police, he continues to see other structures which are in dire need of replacement and those will be done.

Brutus said new members to the Force will feel encouraged to work when coming into buildings such as the ones at Whim and Albion.

New Police Station Handed over at Whim: pegged at GYD $67.7 M
Commissioner Hicken, Minister Benn and PS Thomas arrive at Whim for station opening

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken told the gathering that change has two facets and one can either be a beneficiary or victim of the process.

He told police ranks serving at the station that persons will be held accountable if they fail to carry out their duties in a professional manner.

The Top Cop reminded that there will be enforcement of the strategic plan to ensure that maintenance of the force’s facilities and assets are properly done.

Minister Benn who also addressed the gathering called for more diversity within all the joint services agencies in Guyana.

He said it makes the country and agencies even stronger as it represents a united Guyana and pushes effective development.

The minister called on those familiar with ongoing issues and situations within their communities that can cause spin-off negative outcomes for the respective communities to come forward with those information.