The management of School of the Nations will not close its door despite the threats which were directed to the school population by a person or persons who are this far unknown.

This was communicated to a number of students and parents along with teachers who gathered for a meeting at the school this afternoon.

A number of measures were already put in place by the school in this regard as they keep the doors of the school open and have also taken a number of suggestions coming from concerned persons.

Questions coming from parents included sweeping the entire school for offensive weapons, installation of metal detectors, banning the entry of vehicles into the school’s compound, more spotting of children who display signs of distress among other areas.

The school is assuring that everything possible will be done to ensure the school’s population is safe.

On the sidelines of the meeting the director of the school was asked if he feel the school would see an effective sweep for offensive weapons with the school population present as against them not being there, he responded that an effective sweep could done with students in school.

The meeting was also attended by Chief Education Marcell Hutson.

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