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Chairs from 1972 replaced as National Cultural Centre gets much needed revamp

Minister of Culture Charles Ramson Jr. along with others stand in the aisle if the National Culture auditorium with the newly installed seats to both sides.

Some $84 million worth of seats along with a facelift for the National Cultural Centre will bring a much needed change to one of Guyana’s iconic venues.

On Friday, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport “unveiled” some 1,200 new theatre seats in the main auditorium of the Homestrecth Avenue venue.

The new seats were procured and made to specification in Spain, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson explained.

“In a very short space of time, we were able to get the seats removed and installed and it’s been a big issue for all of the people who have come to visit the National Cultural Center over the years, and I think all Guyanese are going to be very excited that the seats are now replaced,” the Minister told the state media on Friday.

There were also upgrades to the lighting, sound and security systems, the Minister said.

“We still may have some air conditioning issues which I want to focus on, but we have to test it first,” Minister Ramson said.

The seats and other changes were welcomed by employees of the National Cultural Center.

“For years we have not had a fire alarm system if something is to happen. So that was put in and so we can only see from here, we can only see progress,” Megan Hazel, NCC Administrative Manager said.

“That’s what we expect from this young minister…So I’m grateful that we have this here now…  Those chairs before have been here from 1972. Now who keeps chairs from 1972? … So, I want to thank the government for this initiative and hoping that we will continue to progress.” The Admin Manager added.