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Murder of police coach was an inside job- Mother says

Dead: Seon Anthony Burry

The murder of 28 year old police athletics coach Seon Burry has left his relatives with more questions than answers and his mother Jennifer Benn believes the secrets surrounding her son’s murder lies with person within the employ of the Guyana Police Force. “I will tell you this, I don’t trust the police anymore” the woman passionately stated.

In an interview with BIG Smith News Watch Thursday evening D’Urban Park Ms. Benn provided reasons for her theories as she and three other relatives held a candle light vigil for her son. She is of the view that his body was dumped at the location.

Burry’s remains after it was found at D’Urban Park on Tuesday

“According to what I hearing, it is an inside job, is an inside wuk; my son saw something. An athlete was used to lure him to the fish shop and within ten minutes of him reaching there a man start picking  a story with him and he walked away and walked out and that was the last” Benn explained.

The woman said persons recall seeing two vehicles entering D’Urban Park just after midnight and both stopped at the spot Burry’s body was found, took off their lights, spent some time and then drove off.

“About some minutes after one, he called the house phone, my granddaughter answered the phone and she said that he told her he get bore. That was after one but she did not wake me to tell me anything, is the next morning when she woke she was telling me and within that same time, someone came and said that he is lying down in D’Urban Park” Ms. Benn recalled.

BIG Smith News Watch has been able to confirm that the police have not recovered the mobile phone that Burry left home with on Monday and if he indeed place that call home, then telephone records should be able to prove from which phone he called his home.

Ms. Benn said that she has been doing her own investigations and something smells very fishy about her son’s death and she picked that up on the very morning of his death.

“On the morning when I left East LaPenitence station, the taxi service called the police and say that they got footage, I understand footage to mean they got things you could see or recognize. We turn back with the vehicle and we bring the police and drop them at the taxi and I go home. The next day when I make contact with the police, the first thing they said, the taxi service ain’t got no footage, they ain’t even got camera there” the woman explained to BIG Smith News Watch.

Last evening BIG Smith News Watch visited two taxi services which are located on Hadfield Street, closest to where the Burry was found. While one is equipped with CCTV camera, the other is not.


On Thursday night Ms. Benn provided details of a young man who has been living at her home for several months on the invitation of her now dead son. According to her, it was the same person who her son left the house with on Monday evening, he was identified as an athlete.

“This athlete that I believe they used is an athlete that my son brought to my house, she stayed in my house for months up to last month. Unto now he has made no contact with me, and he and my son left my home Monday to go training” stated the woman.

According to her as she was leaving home Monday morning, he was entering her yard. Her older son later confirmed the same youngman who is known to the entire family was the one that Burry left with later that afternoon for training. The police in their statement said he left home at 03:30 on Tuesday morning to train athletes.

Ms. Benn said it remains strange the young man who lived at her home for all those month, wore her son’s clothing, slept on the same bed and eat out of the same pot as her son and the rest of the family, would not even place a call to her or visit her even after hearing of his death.

According to her, she decided to take a walk around to the sports facility of the Guyana Police Force on Thursday after completing some business and what she saw, was most shocking to her.

“At the sports ground, the coach; they say is a head something, him and i was talking and I was standing there telling them how it looking fishy and there right there and then, I see this same boy that does be at my home and who my son left home with, crossing the field, he see me and do you think he came to me? He diverted and went up into the police building, how you think that look, is either he know something or he hiding something” Ms. Benn said confidently on Thursday night.

She is now of the view that he is hiding or knows something because he is not a child that would pass her straight anywhere or would see her and no come to her. Ms. Benn said while at her home, the young man was treated no different from the rest of the family with love and affection.

Burry was found lying on his back and his body bore stab wounds to both hands, his neck and back. His mother said that one person could not kill her son as she made reference to his strength.

She said that based on the injuries her son sustained, he was fighting with the persons, further to that, she is of the view that he might have been dumped there as there is nowhere that he could be under attack at that location and not make any noise for person who are close by to hear him. Ms. Benn related that whatever was used to smash in her son’s face was also not at the crime scene when she visited.

“I would hate for them to charge an innocent vagrant for my son’s murder, that one vagrant cannot fight with my son like that” she added

Police sources have indicated that there are two persons in custody at the moment as the probe into the killing of burry continues.

Burry, a rural constable attached to the Police Sports Club resided in ‘A’ Field Sophia.