Murder charge for man previously charged with attempted murder, as victim died.

( Photo: Ayodele Gray and Kurt Stephany)

Ayodele Gray, who was previously charged for attempted murder, was charged with the capital offence of murder on Tuesday, after the victim, Kurt Stephany succumbed to his injuries.

Based on reports, on May 5th last, the men, both of whom are from Henrietta on the Essequibo Coast, had a disagreement over biscuits.

It is alleged that Stephany picked up a piece of wood to attack the suspect, Ayodele Gray. Gray reportedly unarmed the twenty-four-year-old man, before lashing him to the head using the same piece of wood.

On May 7th, Gray was charged with attempted murder, as Stephany was still hospitalized, in an unconscious condition. For this charge, bail was granted in the sum of the $500,000. With the death of Stephany on May 13th, however, the Director of Public Prosecution [DPP] recommended that the accuse be charged with the capital offence of murder.

The forty-three-year-old labourer, appeared in the Anna Regina Magistrates’ Court yesterday, where the charge was read to him. Gray, who was represented by attorney at law Onassis Grandville, was not required to plea to the charge. The man was subsequently remanded to prison, and is scheduled to reappear in court on June 15th.