Murder accused escapes prison eight days after being remanded

(ESCAPEE: Kapildeo Gangadin)

Murder accused Kapildeo Gangadin is on the run having escaped from the Lusignan prison.

On Thursday, the Guyana Prison Services said that members of the Joint Services have launched a manhunt for the man who who managed escapes from the Lusignan Prison on Thursday around 04:05am.

Gangadin who was housed in the Quarantine section of the Prison, tampered with the housing unit, the Prison Service said.

Part of the quarantine section of the Lusignan Prison.

“Upon gaining entry from the housing unit, he ventured to the back of the prison where he used a cloth-pole to scale the fence,” the statement said, “He proceeded into the farms where he scaled the gate and made good his escape into the dumpsite.”

The Prison Services said that a joint patrol was established at the outer perimeter of the prison and a search has been launch by the Joint Services to recapture the escape.

Gangandin was recently remanded to prison after being charged for the murder of 20 year-old Chris Persaud.