MP’s tablet missing, police called in again

The Police have been called in to investigate the disappearance of an electronic tablet belonging to APNU-AFC MP Haimraj Rajkumar. Clerk Sherlock Issacs confirmed that the MP reported that his device is missing. The MP reportedly discovered the device missing on Saturday, he would have last seen it on Friday while he attended Parliament which is being held at the Arthur Ching Convention Centre. Mr Issacs said that the police have since been called in to investigate this matter.

“I informed the police, I took the police to Mr Rajkumar, I took Supt Barker who is the most senior rank at the convention centre and the police are handling the matter, they are investigating now.”

This is the second time such an incident has been reported, in the first case, APNU-AFC MP Cathy Hughes had reported that her laptop was missing but it was later reported that the device was found by a police rank behind her seat.

This publication was made to understand that following the first incident, two security officers are placed in the dome at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre where the National Assembly is being held, these officers are in the dome during each suspension. This publication was told too that, one of the officers is outfitted with a body camera.