Mother, unborn twins die on way to hospital

Pregnant with twins, a 40-year-old woman of Lower Bonasika, Essequibo River died on Thursday night on her way to the Hubu Health Center.

The woman’s husband 45-year-old Ray Bumbury told Big Smith News Watch that on Wednesday night he retired to bed with his wife Lulita Bumbury but shortly after, she complained of experiencing belly pains. “She tell me she belly hurting,” Ray recalled.

She was just over seven months pregnant with twins at the time.

Asked if she wants to proceed to the health post in Bonasika, the woman said no, since it is difficult to access proper health care at night.

Ray said he then informed his son to start the engine on the boat to transport his wife to the Hubu health post. However, on arrival at the health facility, he noticed that Lulita was not responsive.

“When me reach there, me gone at the health worker there and me tell she like me [wife] nah look too nice, if she can come check, but she refused…we beg she again and she said no so we gone back and wait,” Ray noted.

The police were called to the scene and determined that the woman died on her way to the facility. The couple shares seven other children.

The Big Smith News Watch contacted Regional Health Officer Dr. Erica Forte who noted that she is aware of the incident.

According to Dr. Forte, the woman was receiving neonatal care at a high-risk clinic but missed her last appointment. She disclosed that all maternity deaths are investigated; the process includes the submission of a report from the health facility to the Ministry of Health.

This report will include details on Mrs. Bumbury’s neonatal care and the details of what transpired at the hospital on the day she died. Dr. Forte said it there was a case of negligence, that will be investigated further.

A post mortem is scheduled to be conducted later Friday.