Mother of three murdered by abusive partner 

27 year old Shamaine Frank a janitor of the Victoria Primary School and mother of three children, ages 1, 3 and 5 was this morning stabbed to death by the father of her children, Clive Wilson who is said to be hiding.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was informed that the incident took place somewhere around 03:15hrs, when the woman’s siblings woke from screams coming from her bedroom. 

Based on what was communicated, the two shared a relationship for several years but Frank was subjected to constant abuse by the hands of Clive. 

The two were previously living in a rented facility at Mon Repos and after the abuse continued, forcing the woman a few months back to return to the home of her mother at Lot 315 Victoria where her other siblings live in an effort to escape the abuse.

Police sources indicated that the abuse was so much and affected the children so negatively that the welfare department was also involved and the couple at a part of their relationship were having counselling.


One of her brothers indicated that early this morning, the suspect was seen in the yard and he was asked to leave. When he did, the gate and the house was secured and the family retired to bed until they heard the screams around 03:15hrs.

When they raced to the room of the woman, they found her slouch over and bleeding from her left side chest and the back door of the house open, she was immediately picked up and rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Clive Wilson is said to be a miner and the police are of the view that he might have already began in journey to the interior locations. The challenge with the police at this point tho, is that they do not have an image to readily available in order to be on the lookout for the man and to alert their other divisions.

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