Mother mourns as one son kills another in drunken brawl

(The house where the family lives)

A mother is now mourning the loss of a son while at the same time preparing to watch another of her sons become a subject of the justice system.

This afternoon, Navin Jattan of 471 Charlotte Street Enterprise, East Coast Demerara stabbed one of his brothers to death. The deceased brother was identified only as ‘Dalim’ a painter.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was told by multiple sources who had gathered at the crime scene that the brothers who would frequently imbibe together on weekend into the Monday were having one of those usual encounters when an argument broke out.

A section of the crowd at the family’s home this afternoon

According to residents, the brothers would usually have quarrels and fights each time they imbibe but that does not serve a deterrent to them and their drinking culture.

We were told that ‘Dalim’ was stabbed in the misunderstanding that he and Navin were having today.

Police detectives from ‘C’ Division quickly swooped down at the location and took control of the crime scene and have already began questioning relatives who were at home when the incident took place.

The men all live at the said address with their mother who is presently inconsolable. The police investigations into this matter are ongoing.

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