Mother fears abducted son could’ve been murdered- two arrested.

A 25 year-old bus driver was severely beaten on Monday night after being abducted from his Walton Hall, Essequibo home by four identifiable individuals. The bizarre scenario stemmed from allegations that the man, Imran Khan, was sexually involved with a minor.

Khan’s mother, Gena said her son received a phone call from a person professing to be a passenger.

“He get a phone call saying that he must go with he bus and pick we some passengers, because they say they coming with the next boat and that he must come go Supenaam and wait for them… my son answers back and say he bus break down he gon send a next bus.”

The Big Smith News Watch was told that when the substitute driver arrived at Supenaam to make the pickup, two men pounced out of the bush, and asked for ‘Panko’.

“When the boy gone, he said he ain’t see no body he sees a man come out from the bush corner, and they walk up to he and ask you is panko? Who is panko? Then the men walk back in the bush and the driver drive way,”  the woman said.

The woman said that around 21:00hrs last night, the men arrived at her home using two separate cars. She said that Khan went to the gate to enquire who was there, but was dragged out through the gate by three men and a woman.

The woman said that the individuals, who were armed with a cutlass and a handgun, used what appears to have been zip ties, to strapped her son’s hands. She said that her son was forced into the truck of the white car, and was taken away.

The already traumatised mother went on to say, “I ask them what the problem was, they said how he rape some girl. So I ask them if they want clothes if they gotta take him to the station, the woman turn and tell me how if the President can’t save you here tonight, we gon carry yuh fo kill yuh.”

She said at this point she became fearful, and her other son went in pursuit of the vehicles, but lost track of them.

This publication was told that the abductors took the twenty-five-year-old down a secluded dam, where they proceeded to beat him with cutlass and wood.  They beating only stopped when a passerby intervened. “While they beating, he, he said he hear a loud shout, somebody saying they going to the station, that ayuh murdering somebody on this dam here,” Khan’s mother related.

This publication was told that when the men eventually took Khan to the Anna Regina Police Station, they were taken into custody. Reports are that the father and brother of the alleged raped victim were taken into custody. Reports indicate that the second car, drove away, and that the occupants are in hiding.

Family members told this publication that they are unaware of any relationship between Khan and the thirteen-year-old. She said that she feared her son could’ve been murdered as an ambush was already set up for him at Supenaam. Reports are that the abductors remain in police custody and the zip ties and cutlass were lodged.