More than 6000 vaccinated in Region Two

As the COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Region Two, the vaccination numbers continue to steadily increase. Recent statistics presented by the Regional Health Officer, Dr. Ranjeev Singh, indicated more than 3000 persons had previously received the jab but by last Tuesday the vaccination figure had risen to more 6000; an increase of over 3500 within nearly a one-week time span.

Last week Friday, the Region commenced vaccination of persons who are eighteen years and older. Dr. Ranjeev added, that the present vaccinated figure, represent just 20% of the Pomeroon/ Supenaam Region adult population. He added, “our acceptance rate is there, but still its not where we want it to be because in our region, we have thirty-three-thousand to four-thousand persons who are eligible for the vaccines. Six thousand vaccinated represents somewhere around 20% of our population.”

This publication understands that there are nine permanent vaccination sites on the Essequibo Coast. The RHO said that persons who are desirous of taking the vaccine, can visit any health Centre along the coast, between working hours.

According to Dr. Ranjeev, the region’s Health Department is presently vaccinating some four hundred persons per day. Pointing out that then region should be vaccinating five hundred persons per day, Ranjeev urged all eligible residents to get vaccinated.

The Regional Vice Chairman of Region Two, Humace Odit, is also encouraging residents to get vaccinated. During an interview with this media entity, Odit said, “I would encourage every citizen that’s eighteen year and over to take their vaccine because it will help to give persons a long life, contracting this virus, definitely we don’t know, every person will not have the same resistance, taking the vaccine will help body resistance to help to avoid demise of other persons.”