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Close to 500 house lots allotted in Region Two

The Ministry of Housing’s ‘Dream Realised’ land allocation drive has seen the allotment of close to 500 house lots in Region Two over the past two days.

Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) Sherwyn Greaves noted that many longstanding issues were also resolved including mix-up of allocations, a single lot allocated to multiple persons and the issuance of outstanding land titles.

He disclosed that there was one woman who waited as long as 17 years before her title was granted at the weekend.

“A lot of people left here very pleased…In fact, we have even reserved some lots for persons because there’s some issues still to resolve,” he told the media during an interview in Essequibo on Saturday afternoon.

Minister of Housing and Water Colin Croal disclosed that over 1,000 persons visited the Housing Drive for different reasons.


He pointed out that there were issues of persons illegally occupying land while there are others where monies were paid to staff but not remitted to the Ministry.

“We’ve had cases where persons paid in full for their land –but those monies were not remitted to the State –and that is why for years, the matters were held up. We are dealing with them case by case. Once the investigation is done, we will be able to process their title and transport,” he explained.

“We want to bring some order back to Region Two,” the Minister said.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing, Susan Rodrigues said the event was a success.

She disclosed that the Ministry will be returning to the Region soon where allocations will be done at Charity as efforts are being made to clear backlogs in the system and achieve a target of 10,000 land allocations for 2021.