More than 150 Berbicians for titles/ transports today

Section of the residents as they wait at Dream Realise.

More than one hundred and fifty residents of Berbice are expected to be issued with land titles and transports. These would be issued at the Ministry of Housing’s Central Housing and Planning Authority’s Dream Realise event today.

The second leg of the initiative which started in Georgetown at the Providence Stadium is being held today at the Tain University Campus under what appears to be the enforcement better COVID-19 guidelines. Ministers Colin Croal and Susan Rodrigues along with the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Andre Ally and Sherywn Greaves CEO of Central Housing and and Planning Department are among the officials on the ground.

Several persons interact with Ministry officials including Minister Rodrigues

When this publication visited the venue, persons were seen streaming into the University Campus after being subjected to COVID 19 screening at the entrance. Minister Rodrigues in her address noted that many persons are not too pleased with having to go ahead conducting their construction of homes without having the necessary legal documents in their possession as a form of security, in this case she referred to the transport of title. Rodrigues noted that the both Minister Croal and herself will remain at the location for the rest of the day to assist persons in having their critical issues addressed.

Two young persons as they speak with Minister Croal

Speaking on a more futuristic plan, Minister Croal assured Berbice residents that the ministry will be strengthening the services at of its regional offices so that citizens outside of Georgetown are not required to travel to the city for basic services. Minister Croal said the work of the ministry is also still continuing ad as it relates to engaging GuySuco, NICIL and Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission to identify and develop Lands for housing purposes.

Earlier this week the Ministry through the Central Housing and Planning Authority signed several contracts with a number of companies to execute infrastructural developments at new and existing Lands for housing so that the ministry can push forward with its allocation process.

A number of institutions have also set up booths the Tain campus to engage with potential home owners. These agencies range from commercial banks, utility services and insurance companies among others.