Mondale Smith’s love for journalism would be remembered – GPA

The local media corps was thrown into mourning at the sudden passing of former journalist and broadcaster Mondale Smith. Smith died while at the Infectious Diseases Hospital at Lililendall sometime on Monday morning.

The media veteran who had opened a cooking and catering business had contracted the corona virus and was on oxygen last week before he was transferred to that facility.

In expressing condolences to his family, friends and colleagues, the Guyana Press Association remembered Smith for his “versatility” and love for journalism, ” he was always eager to tackle an issue or go after a story. Even as Mondale had moved on to another career, he would share stories or highlighted issues that came to him,” the GPA said in its statement.

Mondale started his career at the Guyana Broadcasting Authority in the early 1990s, the GPA said, “Mondale would later join the Evening News and eventually became one of the faces of Prime News newscast. There, he anchored the news, covered hard news and sports for that entity.”

Mondale worked at several news agencies, including the news paper Kaieteur News, CNS Channel Six among others. He had a very active social media account, his Facebook page promoted his cooking as well as his opinions on issues dear to him.
Mondale Smith’s death follows that of media veterans Mike DaSilva who died after a prolonged illness and Namela Henry who contracted the coronavirus. Both died earlier this year.