Mona & Tina accuse cop of beating them; granted bail on ten charges

The infamous sister: Hemwattie Singh and Yasminie Ramsew at court on Thursday

By Royan Abrams 

At the New Amsterdam Magistrate Court Thursday morning, sisters Hemwattie Singh also known as ‘Mona’ and Yasminie Ramsew also known as ‘Tina’ told the magistrate that they were beaten at the Rose Hall Police Outpost by a female police rank.

It is unclear if the rank they were referring to was the same rank who in a viral social media video, Mona was seen pushing.Tina and Mona for court Thursday for that ‘Bonny and Clyde’ performance

At the court today the sisters who have been trending on social media for the past fifteen hours, had a total of ten charges read too them when they appeared before Magistrate Peter Hugh and to which they all pleaded not guilty and received their pre-trial liberty at a cost of $50,000 each.

Singh was charged with damage to property, disorderly behaviour and two counts of assaulting a peace officer. Her sister Ramsew was charged with resisting arrest, damage to property, dangerous driving, failure to report an accident, failure to stop after an accident, disorderly behaviour and assaulting a peace officer.

The incidents took place on Corentyne Coast Monday evening and all stemmed from Yasminie crashing into a parked car and driving away without stopping. They were eventually caught by a police patrol which escorted them back to the accident scene and later the Rose hall Police Outpost where the other incidents which caused the additional charges unfolded.

The police in a statement on Wednesday evening noted that Yasminie who was the driver of the car at the time, was tested for alcohol consumption and her alcohol level was below the level that could consider her being driving under the influence.

Today at court also, the police prosecutor, objected to bail for the offences of resisting arrest and assaulting a peace officer on the grounds that such behaviors are becoming prevalent in the society where police officers are being disrespected while in the execution of their duties.

It was when then that they were asked why they think they should be granted bail; the women told the court that they were beaten by a female rank at the outpost. The sisters are expected to return to court on January 06, 2020 when the matter will be heard at the Whim magistrates court.