Mother leads police to air rifle hidden by 15 year old son

A mother from Berbice has proven to her son that she will not condone any behavioral pattern which is criminal and endangers his, her or the lives of any other member of the family.

As such, the woman today made contact with the police and told them that she has information that he has a firearm stashed in an empty lot.

The 31 year old mother and housewife of Angoy’s Avenue reported to the cops that her son who goes by the call name ‘Hot Skull’ had the weapon stashed in the lot opposite their home.

The air rifle which was recovered has been identified as a Nitro Piston Rifle with carried a serial number. On the barrel of the weapon was a telescopic lens and silencer.

The gun was wrapped in a piece of white linen in some bushes among several pieces of wood.

When dusted, two sets of prints were lifted from the weapon and it has since been sent for ballistic examination.

The 15 year old school drop out has not been arrested by the police but checks for him are continuing.

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