Mocha affected by flood, Croal calls in engineers

Mocha/Arcadia farmers can expect relief from flood waters affecting their farms soon as the Central Housing and Planning Authority through the Ministry of Housing visited the community to assess and start additional works in the East Bank Demerara community.

During an emergency visit to the area. Housing Minister Colin Croal along with several engineering staff were on the ground to assess the situation.

Intakab Inderjeet, CHPA’s Deputy Director of Projects explained that the flooding has been caused by the extensive rainfall but said that all efforts would be made to address the situation, “Although we would have put in some temporary tubes to alleviate that flooding, it seems to be a bit inadequate, so what we were are going to do is to increase capacity by bringing in more tubes to allow that water to flow.”

Housing Minister Croal explained that there were complaints that works ongoing to a road by one of the housing schemes in the area had created some blockages, hence, his prompt visit.

“What we have assured now is that we will be putting some more tubing for the passage of the water, the Honourable Minister Edghill has donated five of those EDG tubes for us to help drain the water from Block D Mocha, where the farming area is,” the Minister said.

These tubes are expected to be laid within 24 hours to provide much needed relief to the East Bank Demerara community.