Men wanted following brazen robbery at Charity Mall

The police are looking for man of Venezuelan nationality and his co-conspirator who have been implicated in an early morning theft of more than $3 million worth of electronics from the WD Mall located at Charity on the Essequibo Coast.

A security guard, attached to the Mall at Charity was held at gunpoint early Wednesday morning as the two armed bandits carted off the items from the business. The business is located in the lower flat of the building where other businesses are located, a hotel is located in the upper flat.

Police said that the security guard opened the doors for the two suspects, when they approached the mall, and requested rooms.

The men then whipped out “black handguns”, pointed them to the security guard, demanding money. Based on reports, one suspects then reach into the pockets of the security guard, and took out $5,000 and a bunch of keys, which belongs to the hotel.

When their attempt to detain the security guard proved futile, the men broke into a cell phone stall, which is located on the bottom flat of the building. From the stall, the men took a quantity of cell phones valued some $3M and a quantity of tablets valued $300,000 and made good of their escape.

Police indicated that the entire ordeal was captured on CCTV cameras. Further investigations revealed that one of the suspects, have been identified as a Venezuelan national. The identify of the second suspect, is presently unknown. Police said that both suspects are still at large, and that investigations are ongoing.