Meeting to be convened to elect new Opposition Leader

Harmon warns against making squatters refugees in their own country

The Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir on Wednesday announced that Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon has officially resigned as Leader of Opposition with immediate effect.

As a result, a new Opposition Leader has to be elected from the Members of Parliament.

The Speaker told the National Assembly that he met with members of the Opposition on Wednesday. At that meeting, MP Lenox Shuman who represents the Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) has opted not to participate in the election of the new leader.

As it relates to the APNU+AFC Coalition, he said “they will indicate to me at a later time, their availability for me to convene a meeting for the election of a new Opposition Leader.”

Harmon on Tuesday resigned as General Secretary of the APNU paving the way for a new General Secretary be elected. His resignation followed that of Former President David Granger who resigned as Chairman of the Coalition paving the way for the election of PNC Leader Aubrey Norton as the new Chair of the APNU.