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Maternal death: Family wants second opinion on autopsy

Relatives of family of 31-year-old Vanessa Sahadeo are not accepting the results of the post-mortem as they say it was done in their absence.

The Williamsburg Corentyne, Berbice mother died hours after giving birth to her fourth child at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

The autopsy report which was seen by BIG Smith News Watch was done by Government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh and shows that Sahadeo died from hypovolemic shock, which is severe fluid loss.

It also listed abdominal and pelvic hemorrhage, acute lung distress, brain edema, which is a build up of fluid around the brain and with cerebellum herniation. The results of the PM on the baby is inconclusive.

Uncle of the deceased, Joseph Lewis accused New Amsterdam Regional Hospital of tampering with the results of the PM which was done in the city at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“They couldn’t conclusively say how the baby died because when it reach to Georgetown it was already chopped up and they already screw up the process with the baby and they had wanted to take back the bodies to New Amsterdam to do the same thing and we had refused and so come this morning they were still going to screw it and not get Dr Nehaul Singh to do and get another doctor.”

Lewis noted that the family is in contact with private doctors to provide clarity on the report and to also see how they can arrange for a private autopsy done on the bodies.

“Only by inside information we realize that they started the post mortem without informing the family that the autopsy was doing and when I went there and find out the autopsy was going on. Then I call the doctor and find out why he proceeding with the autopsy without family members being present and me and he had it out.”

Sahdeo’s mother Clarice Cecil told had told reporters that on February 26, she received a phone call from a nurse from the New Amsterdam Hospital who informed her that her daughter gave birth but that the child had died. The distraught mother was then told that her daughter’s uterus had to be removed and at the time doctors were doing the procedure.

Cecil said she questioned the condition of her daughter and at that time was told that she was “doing okay,” the call then got disconnected.

Cecil said she returned a call and asked why her daughter’s uterus was being removed but was told that her daughter was being prepared to be taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that at the Georgetown Public Hospital the doctors began administering blood and oxygen to her and rushed her into the theatre.

A consultant at the GPHC then revealed to relatives that based on the deceased chart, her pressure was high but there was no records showing that any medication was administered to stabilize the pressure which resulted in a ruptured to the brain and the umbilical cord which triggered bleeding.

The following day, Sahadeo passed away at about 3:00 hours while receiving treatment at the GPHC.

Meanwhile, the family plans to stage a protest at the New Amsterdam Hospital to demand justice for the mother and baby.

One relative disclosed that he is hoping that the Regional Health Officer takes responsibility for not ensuring that the nurses and doctors and provided with the necessary equipment and medication to treat patients.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony has announced an investigation into the deaths.