Mason chops man to death after following command of ‘Killer’ Soca Song

Woman takes her life after checking into short-time hotel

20 year old mason Jordan Walters in now in police custody after he chopped a farmer about his body on Saturday night resulting in his death. Dead is 40 year old David Micha of Bushy Park, West Coast Berbice.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was told that the men were drinking at the ‘Goat Bar’ at Cottage Mahaicony when a Soca Song that gives the command to “Pickup something and run with it” came on. That song is sang by Grenadian Soca artiste Mr. Killer.

According to what was related, the men were drinking when the song came on. As a consequence, Jordan picked up the bicycle of the men who were drinking and began running with it.

That caused him to be dealt some slaps which angered him. He then went home and returned with a cutlass.

Upon his return it is unclear how David Micha got involved but he whipped out a knife and the 20 year old began chopping him about his body. We were told that the bicycle which the 20 year old picked up and ran with on the song’s command did not belong to Micha.

Micha was picked up and rushed to the hospital where he died while receiving medical attention for chops about his head, neck and arm.

The suspect, Jordan Walters is in police custody assisting with the investigations.