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Mark Henry reportedly confided in relatives to murdering neighbour

Mark Anthony Henry, the brother of murdered West Coast Berbice teen Joel Henry has reportedly confided in three close family members that he did murder  67 year old Surijdeo Deochand called ‘Sarjee’

BIG Smith News Watch has been told by police sources that Mark Henry admitted to committing the act while under the influence of alcohol and pills which he had taken earlier in the afternoon.

However, the young man who a wanted bulletin was issued for on Wednesday, did not provide the police with anyone confession or caution statement to the crime for which he is being accused.

The police however are said to be in receipt of adequate and apparent solid evidence to link the young man to the crime.

It was communicated to this publication that earlier claims of Henry being in the interior at the time ‘Sanjit was murdered are false.

Several persons within Region 5 have reportedly confirmed spotting Henry in the village on the afternoon of the murder.

He was also reportedly noticed entering the yard of the now deceased on the said afternoon the man was found murder.

Mark at the time of reportedly entering the premises appeared under intoxicated, the police sources noted.

The police are awaiting advise from the Director of Public Prosecution on the way forward.

The Guyana Police Force on Wednesday issued a wanted Bulletin for Mark Anthony Henry (the brother of murder West Coast Demerara Teen Joel Henry) for the murder of 67-year-old Surijdeo Deochand called ‘Sarjie’.

Surijdeo Deochand was found unconscious in his home Tuesday afternoon by relatives with what appear to be chops wounds to the head, face, and hands, he was pronounced dead at the Fort Wellington Hospital.

‘Sarjee’ was among the first set of persons who were initially arrested for the Henry Boys murder after relatives of the cousin and other villagers accused him of engaging in witchcraft and suggested that he might have sacrificed the cousins.

It was revealed too that the deceased had a land dispute with a neighbour. While the police are seeking to gather as much information as possible, the villagers and residents seem to be somewhat reluctant to cooperate given the protests that were triggered following the deaths of the Henry boys and later Haresh Singh.