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Man knifes mother of three to death then drinks poison

MURDERED: Mother of three children, Sabeeda Ally

THIRTY-FOUR year old Bibi Sabeeda Ally a domestic worker of Lot 15 Crane Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara was knifed to death by her reputed husband early Wednesday morning at her home.

BIG Smith News Watch was informed that the couple has been living together for twenty one years along with the mother of the now dead woman. The couple has three children together; ages 19, 16 and 7.

Murder Suspect: Matram Lall

It is reported that just after midnight on Tuesday into Wednesday morning, the suspect, 40 year old Matram Lall, a construction worker, accused Ally of being unfaithful to him with a man who is known from around the village. He said that he caught the woman in the act on two occasions a few months ago.

The suspect told police detectives that on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning when he was getting ready to retire to bed along with his reputed wife, he became frustrated at the thought of the unfaithfulness and went into the kitchen and picked up a knife which he used to stab the woman several times about her body.

The blood stained knife which was used to kill the mother of three

Police detectives indicate that the woman suffered injuries to her shoulder, neck, chest and hand.

In the middle of the attack, the woman reportedly managed to run out of the room and raised an alarm alerting her children and mother who were in their respective rooms, they in turn called out to other persons to render assistance.

Ally’s elderly mother managed to wrestle the knife from the hands of her daughter’s reputed husband and pushed him out of the house before locking the door.

After it was determined that the man was nowhere around the premises, the injured woman was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital by her brother where she was seen and examined by a doctor and who pronounced her dead. The body is resting at a funeral home in the region where a post-mortem is to be performed.

When the suspect was arrested, he told police detectives that he drank poison, as such he was escorted to the hospital immediately where he was admitted in a stable but serious condition.