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$500,000 compensation for wounding did not save accused from being sent to jail

Compton Fecker called “Chappy” was Monday sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for felonious wounding after paying his victim, Alvin Melville $500,000 cash in court.

Following a trial in mid-January, Fecker who was initially indicted for attempt to commit murder was found guilty on the lesser count by a jury.

Sentencing for Fecker was deferred on two occasions- one time for the preparation of a probation report and in the other instance to have the victim present in court.

In arriving at an appropriate sentence for 49-year-old Fecker, Justice Brassington Reynolds took into consideration that as a result of the incident, Melville suffers from loss of sight and hearing and has to endure constant headaches.

The Judge also noted that Melville’s quality of life has been diminished as he is unable to work to provide for himself and his family.

The judge noted that he is of the view that the compensation paid by Fecker was not adequate given the extent of the injuries the victim sustained.

The facts of the case are that in March 2015, Fecker and Melville were involved in a heated argument.

During the row, Fecker pulled out a hammer and dealt Melville several blows to the head. Melville was knocked unconscious and was rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital.

Due to the severity of his injuries he had to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was hospitalized for about a week.

At the time of the incident, Fecker’s son and Melville’s daughter shared a relationship. They all resided at Parika, Sea Dam, East Bank Essequibo.

Throughout the trial, Melvin was represented by Attorney-at-law Adrian Thompson, while the case for the prosecution was presented by State Counsel Seeta Bishundial. This trial was heard at the High Court in Demerara