Man escapes police custody hours before court appearance

ON THE RUN: Rape and Robbery accused Kevin Wilkinson

A number of police ranks at the Cove and John Police Station have landed themselves in hot water after a rape and armed robbery accused managed to escape from the police station hours before he was slated to appear in court to answer to the charges of rape and robbery under arms.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was informed that the man, Kevin Wilkinson who is said to be a good ‘evader’ of the police was taken into custody on Monday and was charged for the offences stated about. He was charged for one count of rape and four counts of robbery under arms after he was positively identified by the victims of his crime.

However after the police charged the man who was initially expected to appear in court on Wednesday, the court clerk reportedly mistakenly sent his case file jacket to another magisterial district so by the time the jack returned to the magisterial district where the matter was to be called, court for that day was already complete.

As such the man was kept into custody for his appearance today by at approximately 07.30hrs he managed to escape from the police station a mere hour and half before commenced.

Wilkinson is said to be a resident of 271 Hope, East Coast Demerara, the police in ‘C’ Division have launched a man hunt for him even as an internal investigation has commenced. Anyone with information of the whereabouts of this suspect is asked to contact the following numbers 229 2750, 229, 2019, 229, 2655, 229, 2557, 226, 4585 or the nearest police station.

Persons who have information on whereabouts of the suspect but might be afraid to speak with the police can contact BIG Smith Crime Watch on 600-9747


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