Man charged for murder of Essequibo woman

(Dead: Indira Lall, Charged: Kirk Beaton) 

A 62-year-old contractor of Lot 1 Reliance Essequibo Coast was on Monday morning charged for the murder of 52-year-old Indira Lall, Affiance, Essequibo Coast.

Kirk Beaton was arrested on Thursday after a Post Mortem found that Lall died from strangulation. He appeared at the Charity Magistrates Court before Her worship Ms Esther Sam on Monday morning and was not required to plead to the charge that he murdered the woman who worked as a Security guard.

Beaton was remanded to prison until December 15, 2021 for statements. The case was transferred to the Anna Regina Magistrate Court.

According to a family member, Beaton would usually transport Lall from her place of employment in the nights to her Affiance home. However, on Monday night (November 15, 2021), he called out to the family and told them that the woman was not feeling well and wanted to go to the hospital. When the woman’s daughter went to collect her mother from the car, she noted that there was froth at the corners of her mouth, prompting her to ask Beaton to transport them to the Suddie Public Hospital but he refused.

“The man said his car light is not working so he can’t take the woman to Suddie Hospital,” the relative noted.

After some time, the woman was transported to the Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. While the family did not find anything fishy at the time of death, a Post Mortem Examination on Thursday showed that the woman died from Strangulation. This prompted the arrest of Beaton and the commencement of an investigation.