Mackenlall enters second round of retirement as OPR contract ends

RETIRED: Heeralall Mackenlall

SIXTY Seven year old National Awardee Heeralall Mackenlall has retired from the Police Office of Professional Responsibility with his last day being November 30, 2019.

Mackenlall is no stranger to retirement. In 2007 he retired from the Guyana Police as an Assistant Commissioner of Police while serving as the country’s Crime Chief, having come through the ranks in the Criminal Investigation Department.

After his retirement as Crime Chief, he joined the Police Office of Professional Responsibility working under late Deputy Commissioner Mohamed Jameer who after retiring from that post paved the way for Heeralall Mackenlall who over the last 12 years functioned out of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

Mackenlall’s retirement comes at a time when the Guyana Police Force continues to receive numerous complains about the conduct of police officers both in and out of uniform.

The last notable case handled by the OPR with Mackenlall as head was that of Deputy Commissioner of Police Lyndon Alves who was accused of a number of wrong doings.

Alves was eventually cleared but Commissioner of Police Leslie James noted that the substantive Crime Chief who was suspended will remain on leave which will lead him into retirement. It is unclear what the reasoning is to have Alves remain on leave until his retirement if he was ‘really and truthfully’ cleared in the investigation which was conducted by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

During his policing career, Mackenlall also served in the police E and F division as the Divisional Detective and was also a participant in several developmental courses locally, regionally and internationally.

The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is now being headed by Superintendent Reid.